I offer classes for collegiate percussion students on the following specialized topics. Each class is designed around student participation and encourages hands-on learning. I am more than happy to tailor these classes to the needs of your department. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

In the past, I have given classes for the University of Nebraska Omaha percussion department and the Eastman Online Percussion Festival.

Solo Percussion Performance

Part recital, part masterclass, this class is designed to inspire and guide your students through the possibilities of solo percussion performance. I will perform a work from the core repertoire and lead a discussion on my interpretation and learning process. We will then hear one or more students perform solo works that they are learning, and I will offer my direct feedback and continue the conversation around how to learn and interpret solo percussion works.

Competition Preparation

Having done seven international competitions over the past five years, I have developed an efficient and effective process for building confidence and achieving musical growth. In this class, I can walk your students through the preparation process for a competition, with practical advice and artistic guidance that is applicable to a wide variety of competitions, ranging from a school concerto competition to the most prestigious international solo competitions out there.

Commissioning Composers

Would your students like to contribute to our ever-growing repertoire by commissioning a new work? In this class, I will perform two works from the OX Percussion Premieres Bundle, a collection of pieces for solo percussion that I commissioned from student composers while I was at Eastman. We will then discuss the collaborative process of initiating a commission, workshopping drafts, executing a premiere, and other details such as funding sources, recordings, and contracts.

Memorizing Multi-Percussion Repertoire

Why do we memorize marimba solos, but not multi-percussion solos? In this class, I can explain why it is important to memorize multi-percussion solos and give your students the tools they need to successfully do so. By memorizing a multi-percussion solo, they can present a much more confident and musical performance at their next recital or competition.

Intro to Self-Recording

Are your students looking to record pre-screening tapes or performance videos? In this class, I can explain the equipment, software, and knowledge needed to make a recording with excellent audio and video quality. With seven years of self-recording experience and two years working for the Juilliard School Recording Department, I have learned what it takes to set up a session, play the music, and do post-production all on your own.


I offer private lessons to students of all ages on classical percussion instruments and music theory. These can take place in-person in NYC, or online via Zoom or Google Meet. I taught students aged 8-18 for two years at The Juilliard School as a Teaching Fellow for the Music Advancement Program. My private lesson students have been accepted into the Juilliard Summer Percussion Seminar and the Boston Conservatory. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!